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Kodiak Kraken Tactical Flashlight with Power Bank 6000 Lumens

Kodiak Kraken Tactical Flashlight with Power Bank 6000 Lumens

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  • Rechargeable (USB-C charging cable included)
  • Integrated power bank charges smartphones (2200mAh x 2 7.4V replaceable)
  • 6000 max lumens
  • Automatic safety lockout after 2 minutes of non-use
  • 4 level charging/battery life indicator
  • 6000 lumens - 1 hour runtime, 524 ft. light throw
  • 3000 lumens - 2.5 hour runtime
  • 350 lumens - 23 hour runtime
  • Twist to focus light beam
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium construction


The Kodiak Kraken is an incredibly bright flashlight that's built to perform under the toughest conditions. With an impressive 6000 max lumens, it illuminates the darkest corners with a 524 ft. light throw, offering unparalleled brightness for your tactical needs.

What sets the Kodiak Kraken apart is its versatility – it functions as an ultra-bright tactical torch and doubles as a power bank. Charge your smartphone on the go or stay connected during power outages.

This rechargeable flashlight prioritises safety with an automatic lockout feature after 2 minutes of non-use, preventing accidental activation. Its 4-level charging/battery life indicator keeps you informed, and the twist-to-focus light beam ensures you have precise control over your illumination.

Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminium, it is built to endure heavy-duty professional use while seamlessly transitioning into various settings, be it at home, the office, night searches or during outdoor adventures.

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